Having a big family is a blessing!

It’s crazy, chaotic, messy, and can be filled with immense amounts of laughter and joy.

But there are also challenges to keeping afloat when your household resembles more of an intramural sports team than your average family.

There are the normal challenges that most families experience- money, sibling rivalry, and equal division of chores, but there are also the unique trials that come with large families.

I work with big families and one of the biggest challenges is how to spend quality time with individual members without ignoring others. How can mom and dad spend time together, when there is homework to be done, soccer practice to attend, or any of a number of regular crises going on.

How does dad spend time with his eldest son bonding, when there are little ones running around making conversation hard?

It can feel impossible to get quality time when there are always fires that need putting out!

I work with families for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s because families need help putting out the fires. Sometimes it’s because some family members are having a hard time connecting with others. Still other times it’s because mom or dad just need a place where they can de-compress, and have some time for themselves.

If you think you or your family could use a safe and comfortable place to learn new skills, rehabilitate your connection, or just ‘be’…reach out.