It’s no stretch to say that being a teen girl can be really hard in today’s world. Our girls are expected to look flawless, make excellent grades, and navigate a world where every word and every picture are documented worldwide on the internet.

You may be worried about how your teen girl is navigating the pressures put on her to be both a brilliant academic, and have a swim-suit model physique.

Her teen years are the perfect time to help her lay the foundation for a healthy self concept and positive body image.

If you are worried that your teen girl might have an unhealthy relationship with food, is struggling to love herself, or can’t seem to manage all of the pressures put on her to be perfect; I would love to meet her.

I will work with your teen to help her gain the skills and insight needed to improve her relationship with herself and others. I Create a safe space for your teen to open up and be herself in a non-judgmental environment, that will help her become the very best version of herself.