Being a mom is hands down- the hardest, and messiest job out there.

An honest job description about motherhood might read:

“Wanted! Patient and compassionate woman to work 135+ hours per week! Must have culinary expertise in many areas, housekeeping experience, and personal chauffeur services are regularly required. Must act as both mediator, judge, and psychologist for clients. You must also double as a personal assistant, event planner, finance manager and sleep scientist. Basic medical skills required. Vacations negotiable after introductory period. Non-paid internship position.”

It’s filled with simple, sweet moments of connection, and some truly hair-raising moments that make you question your sanity.

Motherhood is filled with long days, longer nights, and almost constant worry.

It’s exhausting to wonder if you ‘did it right’ or are living up to the expectations of the parenting blogs and society at large.

It can be downright overwhelming.

If someone asked you how you were doing, you would probably smile politely and respond “I’m fine”

but underneath that smile might be the feeling that you’re on a high-speed roller-coaster and you can feel the back wheels coming off the track.

Feelings of anxiety and fear that linger just behind your gaze.

Combined with an exhaustion so deep in your bones that even when you lay down to sleep, your mind won’t quit.

Sometimes the families that look like they have it all together, feel like they are falling apart.

You are not alone.

Reach out. Let’s work together to help you relax and unwind, so that you be the best mom (and human) you can be!

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