If someone checked out your Facebook profile, they would see a young woman who looks like she has it all together.

You have a great job. You have friends. By all accounts, you lead an active, and successful life.

People come to you for advice or support, and you know you have a lot of strengths but it just doesn’t always feel that way.

On the inside, you feel anxious and uncertain about the decisions you make. You feel alone in a crowded room.

Sometimes there’s so much pressure to be perfect, that the person we look like on the outside can be vastly different than how we feel on the inside.

I help women just like you examine the different parts of yourself. Let’s work together to examine the contradictions between how others see you and how you see yourself. During our sessions, we will collaborate to uncover your values, your ideas, your hopes and dreams, and what makes you tick. We will examine what’s working in your life, and what you may be too afraid to reach for.

Sometimes the journey might be different than you intended, and during our sessions, you will begin to understand what’s behind your thoughts and behaviors to understand what personal growth looks like for you. I will help you learn to really feel the confidence that other people think you already have. We will uncover some of the tangled, confounding parts of you that you might have tried to bury, and we will explore how to help the brightest parts of you come to the surface.

If you are ready to grow and let the love inside you bloom, let’s get together and formulate a plan.