I had an experience last week that I think is representative of the counseling process and might shed a little light on how beneficial therapy can be.

Picture this: It’s 11pm on a Thursday and I am working on my new website.
So far, I had been pretty proud of myself, but at that point I was so frustrated that there seemed to be little things that no amount of Youtube tutorials or articles were helping me with. Not only am I not tech savvy, but I don’t even understand the lingo enough to know with certainty that I was searching for the right information. I sat with my laptop in my lap, my chin tucked into my chest and I had so many emotions…

I felt lost. I knew that by myself, there was just no way I was going to figure this out.

I felt alone. Not only was it too late to call anyone who might know any of this information, but all of my regular connections had previously told me that they really only had a basic understanding of WordPress.

I also felt anxious. It felt like an angry swarm of bees were rolling around in my chest, because my first feeling was “Oh lord, I am never going to figure this out. My website is going to look crazy, and it’s going to scare people away.”

All of these feelings amounted to this message of “I have no support in this, and without any support, I just can’t do this.”

Yes, sometimes counselors totally feel this way too!

The reason I shared this (admittedly embarrassing) moment is because it felt so symbolic of life in general, and how counseling is helpful in particular. If you are currently scratching your head, asking yourself “Nicole. How in the heck is this symbolic?” Here’s how:

After I took a moment to throw myself a mini-pity party about how alone I was, I realized that I actually had an awesome support system I could pursue. I messaged a group I belong to and asked for help. Once I asked, within minutes there was someone I had never met before who walked me through the process. Not only did she fix the bugs, but she taught me how to manage it on my own in the future. My mood immediately and drasticaly improved, and I learned this whole new set of skills to help me do better in the future.

Counseling can be the same way, We all have stuff that happens to us. Sometimes we feel totally overwhelmed and alone. We don’t feel like we have the skill-set to handle what life has thrown at us. When you are feeling this way, remember that there are professionals out there who are trained to help you adapt to these changes, and help you learn new skills so that you can feel 110% able to tackle whatever life sends your way.

You are never truly alone. The world can be a beautiful place full of phenomenal people who want to see you succeed. Reach out if you find yourself needing a little help.

-Nicole Rubin

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When Freak-outs Become Teachable Moments
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